Just in time for the 4th…

You know summer is here when you see vegetable displays like this:

Yep, summer is "officially" here.

It seems that other people feel that way, too, as customers would keep coming and buying stuff just when I had arranged it all the way I wanted it for this picture, and this one:

Definitely here.

Did you see those purple islander peppers? The sungold tomatoes? The perfect okra? The FIVE varieties of summer squash? And that lettuce! I didn’t even put in the lovely mesclun salad mix that we pick fresh from the salad bed on request from our customers. And yes, that organic SWEET CORN  is straight off Greenbranch. It’s sweet, ripe, and local. And we don’t charge extra for the worm at the very top! (A customer noted they’d make great fishing bait… so, dual purpose corn!)

And now, a poem, from my beloved father, sent to me today in response to my email of yesterday raving about my summer job:

With fireworks in the sky …

Smiles in every eye …

Celebrate the USA …

Soon will come the happy day

When the guns of war will end

And every nation is our friend.

Squash and tomatoes

Beans and potatoes:


Builds a nation.

Each year new born,

Welcome the corn:

“Knee high by

The 4th of July!”

by Rev. Dr. Richard F. Boeke

Thanks, Dad! Love you!

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3 Responses to Just in time for the 4th…

  1. Laura W says:

    Diana – your blog is wonderful!! I’ve sent it to a couple of farming chicken fans, too. Keep up the good work!
    Laura Whittemore

  2. I can’t wait to explore your blog some more. Laura sent me over. I love your big photos ( I do that too.) I like to see the worm on the corn too….a sure sign of organic corn!

  3. Lexi says:

    i really enjoy reading your blog! and i love the pictures you have. my favorite articles would have to be the ones with joe. everyone there seems very nice and fun to be around. sounds like a great time you all are having!!!

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