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Could it be? The summer growing season is coming to an end. The tomatoes have peaked, and been accordingly canned, the hogs are foraging the first of the acorn fall, and the cornfields have been tilled under. I’ll be around … Continue reading

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Vegetable Anthropomorphism (because it’s that kind of day)

When I arrived at the farm on Thursday, there was a storm a-brewing. A big one. It was so dark that turning the lights on in the store actually made a difference. Then the rains came. Big rain. Monsoon-like rain. … Continue reading

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Tomato Sass

Greenbranch Farm has quickly become a media darling, it appears. At least in Salisbury. We were on the front page of the Daily Times on July 19th, and the same article made the front page of the Wicomico Weekly on … Continue reading

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