We bought the farm!

There it is, our new farm house!

I guess Bank of America got wind of the bad press they were getting on my hugely successful and practically viral (surely, I jest!)  post about our short sale endeavors with them because the very next day, we got word that our previously rejected offer was now a-okay with them!

This time next month, the Hubby and I will be Clueless Farmers together! Watch for the coming change in the title of this blog…

Here’s what’s on our list of things to do in the next 30 or so days:

  • Pack, move.
  • Finalize business name. Register business. Design logo. Reserve website domain.
  • Get liability insurance for business.
  • Apply to Madison Farmer’s Market. Prepare for opening day on April 16th with promotional items, brochures, flyers, grow some sort of sample product we hope to produce (micro greens?)
  • Submit seed order.
  • Submit day-old chick order schedule.
  • Submit organic chicken feed order.
  • Submit chicken processing equipment order.
  • Arrange for local contractor/pastured poultry operator to build us some chicken tractors.
  • Visit local small scale vegetable farm (2-3 acres in production).
  • Attend Madison County Food Hub conference.
  • Attend Fence-building seminar in Madison.

Looking out over Thoroughfare Mountain from our new home.

And that’s all before we actually move in! Then there will be rototillers or walk-behind tractors to procure, raised beds to plant, compost piles to start, land to till, brooders to prepare, walk-in coolers to build, and and and.

A little insanity never hurt anyone, right?

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9 Responses to We bought the farm!

  1. Farmer Ted says:

    Congrats!!! You have traded your 9-5 for a 5-9, but the benefits are much better.

  2. From Pharaohs to Potatoes
    You soon will be growing Tomatoes.
    Speak to your plants
    until they dance,
    And they will speak to you!
    As Shakespeare wrote,
    And it is true,
    “Sermons in stones
    And good in everything.”
    Love, DAD

  3. vgambrell says:

    Congrats! Hugs and support! I’m so happy for you two

  4. Bud says:

    Congratulations, dreams do come true! Relish in this one because you won’t have a lot of time in the foreseeable future.

  5. Doron says:

    I am so super impressed. The farm looks so beautiful and you are so awesome, it just makes me want to hop on a plane and visit you. But, alas my my family here is pretty awesome too. Now that all the kids are full time in school I’ve had more time for my mediation business and I even get to volunteer as a sort of ombudsman for our local and Fairbanks’ most active CSA. I love farmers!

    How are all your friends and relatives in Egypt? Are they all well? The road can not have been easy, but it seems things are quite hopeful.

    Cheers to you. Congratulations on your farm and your very cool blog that makes B of A accountable.


  6. John Hayden says:

    Congrats! Wonderful news! I know you are going to be super busy, but I hope you can blog every step of the way. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you and other small-scale farmers could prove that it works! Think of the lifestyle and job options that would open up for otherwise trapped city and suburban folks. (Not everyone is resourceful enough to blaze the path, but once you have led the way, others can follow.) Think of the environmental and social benefits! All the best in your new life!

  7. I sent this message to Japan last night:
    The British Chapter, IARF, sends condolences for the terrible effects of the earthquake and Tsunami.

    Our compassion and prayers to those in Northern Japan who suffered terrible loss this morning.

    Especially I think of the Shinto and Konko “deep reverence for earth” at this time.
    We are all fellow citizens on this spaceship earth.
    May we cherish our fellow humans, our fellow creatures
    And the “great nature” of which we are a part.

    With KANSHA, deep gratitude for the blessings your friendship gives us,
    We extend our sympathy.

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