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Property Virgins

You would think during these days of foreclosures it would be easy to pick up a nice old farmhouse with a bit of land and some serviceable outbuildings for a song. For the past six months or so, this clueless … Continue reading

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Grass. It’s what’s for dinner.

No farm is complete without cows, don’t you think? It’s like the song says, Where are the cows? There ought to be cows. Send in the cows. Or something like that. Luckily for us, Farmer Ted agrees. So throughout the … Continue reading

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Which came first, the chicken or the pasteurized egg?

Grade A. Producer-Certified. Cage-Free. Farm Fresh. Free Range. Organic. Natural. Pastured. Humane. Pasteurized. (Prefer to watch a video rather than read this post? Here’s a good one by the Cornucopia Institute to help you choose good eggs.) These are the … Continue reading

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Vegetable Anthropomorphism (because it’s that kind of day)

When I arrived at the farm on Thursday, there was a storm a-brewing. A big one. It was so dark that turning the lights on in the store actually made a difference. Then the rains came. Big rain. Monsoon-like rain. … Continue reading

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Zero minus one: Where are overalls when you need them?

“Hi, is this Ted?” “Uh, yeah, this is Ted.” “Hi, my name is Diana and, uh, can you talk right now, I mean, are you busy?” “Actually, I’m kind of up to my neck in poison ivy. I’m clearing out … Continue reading

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