Glean Acres

Glean Acres is the name of our farm. And it is the place to be! You can find us on facebook, or on the internets at

Growing food, faith, and the good life.

What is Glean Acres, you ask?

Glean: to gather (something) slowly and carefully in small pieces; to gather (the useful remnants of a crop) from the field after harvesting.

Glean Acres: A small farm where we gather the pieces that make up the good life; living as stewards of the land and animals, in service to our Creator and community.

  • Pastured, free-range chicken and eggs
  • Fresh vegetables and salad makings
  • Seasonable small fruits and mushrooms
  • Specialty produce

We use organic growing methods and emphasize organic varieties: No harmful pesticides or herbicides, no GMOs.  We raise our chickens with care, giving them top quality and organic feeds, as well as plenty of room to forage on fresh pasture.

(Mr. and Mrs.) Amir Abdelmalek and Diana Boeke

tel: 540-738-0436

1 Response to Glean Acres

  1. Richard Boeke says:

    Hi, Diana
    Looking at your Clueless Farmer website and thinking of the photo of the 2 pound plus TOMATO you emailed me yesterday.

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