Poems by my Dad

June 16th, 2011
Your first harvest of Chickens.
You worked like the Dickens.
From Gizzard to Butt
You took out the gut.
Chickens are not easy “Pickens.
“So you think you can dance?”
Look at the canopy of leaves
Swaying in the wind.
Then, still !
Frozen motion !
A fresh gust breaks the trance.
Once again the limbs all dance
Like great waves upon the ocean.
Is the heart of all dancing.
The calm sea at sunrise
Is a mystic moment of tranquillity.
The forest, when all is still,
Reminds us
We, too, can be silent.

Cherry Miracle
Ten days ago I took a broken branch
from a cherry tree.
I prepared a pot with soil.
I pressed the cherry stem in.
Will a miracle make it grow?
I did not know.
Someone more gardener than me,
came, pulled out, broke,
this branch from the tree.
Threw it in the bin.
Is it wrong not to be scientific?
To sometimes hope for magic?
“Catch a falling star …”
Find things that cannot be
and yet that are:
A broken branch that becomes a tree.
-Richard Boeke July 12, 2010
Dickens and Chickens
There once was a man named Charles Dickens
Who studied rare birds and the pigeons
He found in the breeding
Festivals of meaning,
New breeds of cats, dogs and chickens.In old age he studied the worm.
From the worm what can we learn?
In its daily toil
It enriches the soil.
Can the worm in us Turn?
-Richard Boeke July 12, 2010

1 Response to Poems by my Dad

  1. Looking through my listings on Google, I chanced to find this.

    My poems!

    I remembered the BROKEN BRANCH …

    but I had forgotten the worm of Dickens.

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